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        Loader Series

        PRODUCTS CENTER Degong mainly manufactures loader series, differentiated loader products, pavement cold recycler series, concrete road breaker and road machinery, etc. The company has become a professional manufacturer of earthmoving and road construction and maintenance machinery.

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        DG965 Wheel Loader

        DG965 Wheel Loader
        Strong power, environmental care and energy-saving, big torque reserve, and reliable performance; high bearing capacity, long service life and more comfortable operating environment.
        Bucket capacityStandard bucket3.5m3Fuel tank volume230L
        Coal bucket5m3Max. breakout force18.5±0.5t
        Max. travel speed38km/hMax. traction force16.7t
        Rated load6.0tSteering angle35
        Operating weight19.5tRear axle swing angle12
        Max. gradeability300Automatic bucket levelingAvailable
        EngineModelWD10G240E21Wheel base3200
        TypeIn-line, water cooling, 4-stroke, direct injectionWheel tread2250
        Rated power175kWMin. turning radiusOutside of front wheel        6520mm
        Max. torque920N.mOutside of bucket        7200mm
        Rated fuel consumption225g/kwhTravel speedForward1st Gear0~8
        Rated revs2200r/min2nd Gear0~15
        Oil consumption0.73rd Gear0~24
        Start modeElectric4th Gear0~38
        Bucket withdrawal450°Reverse1st Gear0~8
        Boom lifting time6.0s2nd Gear0~15
        Work cycle time12s3rd Gear0~24
        Tyre/dia./tread23.5-25/1676/L-54th Gear0~38
        Dimension (L×W×H) 8351×3082×3480mmBrake systemHand operated air brake+Air over oil caliper disc brake
          Standard bucketCoal bucket
         Dump height3238mm3134mm
         Dump distance1218mm1298mm
        ? It adopts Weichai WD10G240E21 engine which features strong power, environmental care and energy-saving, big torque reserve, and reliable performance.
        ? The frame articulation adopts tapered roller bearing, which has high bearing capability and long service life.
        ? The fixed axle power shift transmission with 4 forward gears and 4 reverse gears is very convenient for the operator.
        ? With pilot single lever hydraulic operating system, the boom lifting and lowering, bucket withdrawal, and discharging can be performed easily, which reduces driver’s labor.
        ? The coaxial flow amplifying steering hydraulic system with prior steering and dual-pump converging reduces the power loss in the system, which has good economic performance, and less bumping on rugged road, and it improves the operating comfort.
        ? The luxurious cab features wide view, damping seals, and noise absorption. The humanity designs such as cup stand and cigar lighter make the operating environment more comfortable.
        ? The main high pressure hoses adopt products of world-famous brands, which ensure high reliability.
        ? It adopts specially designed tyre with extra deep tread patterns, which features excellent capability of anti-cutting, anti-tearing, and wear resistance. And the tyre has longer service life.
        ? ROPS and FOPS device can be mounted according to the customers’ needs.






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